Pole Hanging Instructions

Step One

To calculate where your pole should go, first decide how high above the window it should be. If you already have your curtains you’ll need to bear in mind their length while making your calculations. Ideally, the underside of the pole should be between 8 and 15cm above the window frame.
Mark this line lightly on the wall in pencil (you can erase this later). In older houses the ceilings and windows may not be 100% horizontal, we suggest you still hang the pole straight using a spirit level.

Step Two

The curtain pole should extend about 20cm on either side of the window frame (more on large windows if space allows) this allows for the curtains to stack neatly either side of the window without impeding the light. Using the same measurement on either side, mark where the brackets of the pole should go, allow for approximately 5cm of the pole to show on the outside of each bracket. Wooden poles can be cut down, if necessary, using a hacksaw.

Step Three

Use a pencil to mark the exact position of the screw holes that will fix the brackets to the wall. Check there are no electrical cables or pipes where you will be drilling into the wall using a pipe and cable detector.

Step Four

Fix the brackets to the wall at the marked positions. It will be your responsibility to make sure that you are using the correct equipment for your particular wall type.

Step Five

Thread the rings onto the pole and screw in the finials – these can be quite stiff to attach, if they go in crocked they can be straightened as they are screwed in. Sit the pole on the brackets putting one ring on the outside of each bracket. Once you’re happy that everything is correct tighten the brackets onto the pole by screwing the disk on the front of the bracket.

Step Six

You are now ready to hang your curtains.

PLEASE NOTE: That these instructions are only a guide line and Catherine Haddon Interiors can take no responsibility for any mistakes made or damages incurred.