Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

General Information

Roman blinds are an ever increasingly popular choice of window treatment, they are elegant and understated, timeless and yet contemporary.  Our blinds are made to measure especially for you so can be made exactly as you wish.  We make roman blineds with lined, interlined or using blackout lining, they can be plain, bound to the sides and base or trimmed along the base.  We offer hand finished and machine finished blinds.

We usually sell roman blinds on track systems which are simple to fit and very efficient to use, pulling up and down perfectly every time or alternatively you can choose a traditional wooden baton and cleat. If you have children in the house you might like to consider our child safe system.

2 Stacked roman blind on child safety systemStacked Roman Blind

The pleats on these roman blinds stack one on top of the other when the blind is pulled up giving a neat appearance and losing as little light from the window as possible.

1 Waterfall roman blind - blueWaterfall Roman Blind

With the waterfall blinds each pleat hangs a little lower than the one in front of it allowing you to see the fabric and get a softer effect when the blind is pulled up.

3 Waterfall roman blind - beigeMachine Finished Roman Blinds

These blinds are so beautifully finished and still specially made to your specifications, should be considered if budgets are tight.  However they are only available in a lined option.

Roller Blinds

3 roller blind - standard rollGeneral Information

Roller blinds are efficient, space saving and very smart, they can hang behind curtains or on their own.   They can be made in the same fabric as your curtains, or a plain colour to enhance them.  On their own they are an effective,  simple way to dress a window.  Our winder systems are efficient and very easy to fit.

roller blind - reverse rollReverse Roll

We would recommend reverse rolling your roller blind when it will hang alone (without curtains) or the top will be in full view and you don’t want to see the underside of the blind in the roll at the top.  The benefit of this is the neater look, the downside is that the blind hangs from the front of the roll and therefore there is a gap between the blind and the window when the blind is down.

For more information on Custom blinds please contact Catherine Haddon