Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Q Your poles seem very heavy, I’m not used to using such thick ones.

A All our poles are 51mm diameter (although thicker ones are also available by special order). Size does matter – especially for wooden poles, any narrower than 51mm (2”) and we feel the pole tends to look mean.

Q What should I do if I’m nervous of taking my own measurements?

A Read our guide very carefully, if you’re still worried ring us any time and we’ll help you as much as we can. You also have the option of ordering the pole a little longer than you think you need to give yourself a bit of leeway, they are easy to cut down to exactly the right size when you’ve got it and had a chance to hold it up to the window.

Q If I’m not sure what colour to use what’s the best way to decide?

A We will send you a sample to show the finish of any of our poles. You’d receive a short length of the pole of your choice.

Q How much past the window should the pole go on either side?

A I would recommend taking the pole 15-20cm past the window frame on each side. More for large windows. This is because when the curtains are open you want to lose as little light from the window as possible.

The pole should be hung centrally, if there is an obstruction on one side stopping the pole going beyond a certain point then that measurement should also be used on the other side.


Q Please will you explain a bit more about the difference between lined only and lined and interlined curtains?

A Lined only curtains, if well made, look lovely, hang beautifully and are a big investment. Lined and interlined curtains just look that be more luxurious, they are full and generous looking and they help keep our draughty English houses warm in the winter.

Q Is interlining worth the extra money?

A Yes, in my opinion, interlining is definitely worth the extra cost. The curtains hang better, the pleats are fuller and they keep they’re shape for longer.

Q What are the pros and cons of short and long curtains?

A Short curtains are a necessary choice for a lot of windows such as dormas and little cottage windows. Also windows with a high sill (ie the height of the wall below the window is greater than the height of the window itself) can look better with short curtains. In general though and for the vast majority of windows long curtains are more elegant and much better proportioned.

Q I’d like to hang curtains on a pole but will have to hang them in the recess of the window, can that work and if so how?

A It can work very well, you can either use our End Brackets which match the finish of the pole, or fit the pole using our recess brackets which work extremely well or finally you could hang the pole on our standard brackets and let them appear to run into the wall.

Q I only have room for a finial on one side, will that work?

A Yes it can work very well, the best way to hang it is on our standard brackets and just let the end without a pole butt up against the wall.

Q When I measure my curtains how much do you advice to hang them on the floor?

A This is a matter or personal choice, I prefer to see curtains just break on the floor so I add 1cm, occasionally I add more, for instance when the floor is uneven, but even then not more than 2cm.

Q How full do you make your curtains?

A We allow approximately 2.5 times the width of the curtain track or pole. Some headings will work with less fullness, you can talk to our sales team at any time if you’d like to discuss any changes to our standard fullness.

Q If I want curtains with less fullness than you usually sell can you do that?

A Yes we can for the tape headed curtains, just ring our sales team to discuss it.

Q I want to use my own fabrics how do I organise that?

A We are happy to make curtains in fabric specified by you. We would then provide you with an estimate for your approval and order the fabric ourselves.

Q What is your advice about using tie backs?

A Tie backs finish the look very well. They are not essential but do finish the curtains beautifully.

Q How high do you advice the tie backs should be hung?

A This is a personal choice and you could experiment by pinning the tie back to the back of the curtains at various heights. My preference is to hang the tie backs relatively low and on most windows I would put the tie back hook into the wall at approximately 90cms.